Sterilbox Euromatic

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Very do not expose the naked eye to the lamps'ultraviolet light.

Technical data:

  • Features and specifications: integral radiation sterilization and aseptic conservation of surgical instruments, plasma, madicines and laboratory dental, medical, orthopaedic equipment, and equipment for hair-stylists and beauty centres.
  • High higiene technology: for a more complete, safe sterilization with rays perendicular to the surface thanks to the new diffuser fitted made of special material with silver laminating; it covers a wide range of microwaves with considerably reduced exposure times.To establish minimum times for treatment it is recommendend to carry out microscopic control analyses.
  • Attention: Never put animals into the appliance. Check that the appliance has not been damaged, broken, dented. Check that the light inside is intact. Clean the inside with a damp cloth and dry. Position in a safe place out of the reach of children. Connect the appliance to the supply mains. Put the material to be sterilized inside it. Press the power button. Take out the sterilized material. Switch off with the power button.
  • All our "euromatic" hairdryers are made with first-rate materials only.
  • All electric and electronic components are tested and approved according to E.E.C and electric international standards.
  • To adjust inside the round-transparent visor the customer’s head.
  • Specially necessary for: hairdressing instruments, beauty salons, beauty centres, haesthetics centres, manicure, pedicure, scissors, combs, brushs, etc

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